Send Jonah On Spring Break

by Amy Howell

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Meet Jonah, a 17yr old who not only has fought his whole life with having epilepsy, but was diagnosed on December 26th, 2019 with TCell ALL (Leukemia). During treatment, he lost 60 pounds of muscle weight. Going from a 155lb high school football cornerback to a 95lb soul bound to a wheelchair. That was hard for all of us to watch. Jonah is now in physical therapy with some awesome trainers and has regained his strength to stand and walk with a walker. He has returned to school after 10 months of being stuck alone at home. Through all of this he maintained and continues to maintain straight A's in school. His goal is to get into South Dakota State for their Natural Resource Law Enforcement course and be a walk on with the SDSU Jackrabbits Football Team. 

Recently he had asked for a wish of a road trip with his family from Make A Wish. Unfortunately they are not granting any type of wishes that pertain to any kind of travel. Jonah wishes to visit Zac Bagans Haunted Museuam in Vegas (HUGE FAN) and then to visit Grand Canyon and a couple of other National Parks with his parents for his upcoming Spring Break (3/22 - 3/27) Roadtrip. He wants to camp and hike, take pictures and make memories. Jonah has traveled across most of the Midwest in previous road trips and has seen 100's of sights, national monuments, etc. Leukemia with a double whammy of country wide covid has kept him from traveling. We are going to make this happen for him, no matter what! Funds raised for him will go towards: Car Rental, Hotel Stay, Campground Fees, Attractions, National Park Fees, Food, and Gas. Any funds raised past our goal will be put into a savings for Jonah's upcoming college ventures. 

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